Your item is not eligible for a return for one of the following reasons.

  1. It has been more than 3 days since the item was delivered to you
  2. You’ve already submitted a Rating for your seller
  3. The item is still in transit

If you’ve received your item and would like to return it, but the tracking hasn’t updated to indicate that it’s been delivered, please contact us.

A return request may be denied if the seller or buyer is not in good standing with Sturv.

To review our return policy, please go to the Return Policy


Buyers can ask to cancel an order any time before it ships, but it’s up to the seller to agree or deny the request. 

If the seller agrees, and we confirm that the order hasn’t shipped, we’ll refund the original form of payment. If the seller doesn’t ship the order or respond to the cancellation request within 24 hours, we’ll refund the original form of payment. If the seller denies the request, they can ship and complete the transaction as originally planned. 

If you’d like to ask to cancel an open order, go to the Order Status page and tap the “Request cancellation” button. If the button isn’t there, the order has already shipped.